Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions our volunteers (and we're all volunteers!) receive before, during, and after the race. Please look below for some quick answers to the most typical questions.

What if My Question is Not Listed Below?

If you have questions not answered by the frequently asked questions below, please visit the "Trou-Boo" (Trouble) Table at the race expo. The volunteers there will gladly assist you!  (Please be nice to them too - they're volunteering their time for our non-profit!)

Safety & Medical

Where will medical services be available?

Washington Township EMS is aware of the event and will be available in the vicinity of Sinclair's campus. Call 911 and locate a race official/volunteer to make them aware of the situation.

What if there is an emergency on the course?

Please call 911 and provide them with your exact location (cross-streets, landmarks, etc.). We will have bicyclists on the course to help monitor for emergencies, but they may not observe the emergency as quickly as you do, so do not wait for others to make the call. If you do see a race volunteer/official, please notify them of the incident so we can best coordinate the response.

What if there is severe weather or a major calamity?


In the event of:- Severe weather mid-race, seek shelter (in the case of a tornado, not under a bridge) immediately. If at Sinclair, we recommend moving to your vehicle to alleviate congestion in the Expo, unless instructed otherwise over the loudspeaker.- In the event of a major catastrophe, listen to race officials for guidance/instruction and calmly follow them.
Refunds will not be issued, and we will do our best to safely conduct the race and/or safety measures optimize your ability to participate, balanced with the concern at hand (e.g. if there is a medical emergency, we will route runners around the scene, or if there is a storm approaching unexpectedly, we'll route you the fastest way back to shelter.)

Bibs & Shirts

Do I need photo-ID to pick up my bib/shirt?

While we do not require photo-ID to pick up your bib, our volunteers may request it as a condition of picking up your bib/shirt if they deem such actions warranted. Despite this being an unlikely circumstance, please be ready to produce identifying information if needed.

Can I pick up a bib & shirt for someone else?

Yes! Please just make sure you let them know you picked it up so they aren't confused when they arrive and their packet/shirt aren't there. The volunteers may ask for proof/confirmation of this arrangement (an e-mail will suffice).  If you can't make the race for some reason, please arrange for someone else to pick it up.  There will be NO shirt pickup or exchange after race day.

Can I exchange my shirt for a different size?

We'll have some additional shirts available for late registrations and exchanges.  Please note this must be done on race day ONLY - there will be NO shirt exchanges except on race day.  
If your shirt does not fit, please stop into the Expo after the race and there may be a shirt available in your size.  Your shirt must be unworn to exchange!

How can I find shirt information to get the right fit?

Click here to see shirt sizing charts, images of the shirt, and for shirt-fitting events.

Can I purchase a shirt after the race?

Shirts will be available for $10 after the race if desired, but only once participants have had an opportunity to make exchanges for their shirts.  Chances are good that there won't be any this year!

Day-Of Registration

May I register on the expo and/or day of the race?

Yes - you may! Please go to the table labeled "Registration" and fill out a paper form on the table, or sign up online, then proceed to the registration table. Please attempt to arrive early, as we typically have fewer people there and we can expedite your registration that way. Thanks!

When's the last time I can sign-up?

You may sign up until 6pm on race day, however, after online registration closes (usually three-five days before the race), you'll have to wait until the expo opens to sign-up.

How much does it cost to sign-up at the expo?

It will cost $40 for adults and $35 for kids (10 and under)  to sign-up at the expo on race day.

What do I need to bring to sign-up at the expo?

Please bring a method of payment (cash, check or credit card) to the race, a list of medical conditions, and an emergency contact name/number. We will provide registration forms and pens.

Is a shirt guaranteed if I sign up at the expo? What sizes will be available?

No, a shirt cannot be guaranteed if you sign up at the expo. We have ordered extra shirts to cover folks registering at the expo, but they are first-come, first-serve. Additionally, we use the "expo registration reserves" to swap shirts for pre-registered participants, so we cannot guarantee any sizes will be available.

Driving & Parking

Why do I need to arrive no later than 6pm for a 6:30pm race?

While our race starts at 6:30pm, and our parking lots are expansive, there are some bottlenecks as you enter the parking lots. If you are not at the race-site early, you may not be able to access the race. We are not responsible, nor will we issue a refund, if you do not arrive at the race on-time.

What is the race course, and what roads will be closed?

See race map - one lane of Clyo Road will be closed to traffic to start the race.

Will I be able to exit the race before the race finishes?

Yes! Access to Clyo Road will remain open from at least one Sinclair driveway.  Follow any signs or volunteer directions to avoid driving back towards the finish line area while the race is still in progress.

How much parking is available on-site?

Parking is available throughout the Sinclair parking lots, with overflow at St. Francis church to the east. There are a few bottlenecks into the parking lot, however, so please arrive early as the roads will back up close to race-time.

Spectator Information

By when must spectators arrive?

We recommend arriving by 6pm if you'll be watching from Sinclair.

May spectators take part in the food, water, & festivities?

The food, water/beverages, and other race components and accessories are reserved for participants with a bib only. We apologize for not being able to accommodate everyone in attendance, but as a non-profit trying to maximize our proceeds to our cause, we don't have the extra resources to provide.

Post-Race Festivities

What food/drinks will be available?

Pizza, water (bottled and fresh from a water-buffalo), soda, bananas, and cookies will likely be available at the post-race party.

What amenities will be provided after the race?

We will have a variety of sponsors providing services and interactive activities after the race. Sports massage, overall and age group awards, and food/beverages are among the amenities provided.

Will there be gluten-free options?

While we understand the concerns/challenges with not having gluten-free pizza available, we cannot guarantee the prevention of cross-contamination, nor can we cover the extended logistics of having Celiac options available. We apologize for this, but will strive to have GF options readily available.

Timing, Awards, & Race Results

Where will the race results be posted?

Will be posted online at shortly after the race!  There will be a link from as well.

Where and when can I pick up my award?

You must be present to pick up your award. If you have special circumstances, please let the race directors know after the race and they will attempt to make arrangements for pick-up (though this cannot be guaranteed).

What if my results aren't correct?

If your results are incorrect, please contact the race directors and let them know. We'll work with our timing company to correct errors for you as rapidly as we can.

Why is there a sticker/foam on the back of my bib?

The sticker/foam are the timing chip for your bib, which work via "Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)". Please do not remove it from the back of your bib or you may not receive a time.

How long will it take for results to be posted?

Results should be posted fairly rapidly after the race. The timing company must process the results, we must certify that we agree with them, and then they'll be uploaded.

When is the awards ceremony? Will you wait for all finishers?

The awards ceremony will occur at 7:45pm promptly. We will do our best to wait for all finishers, but to be courteous to our volunteers and other participants, we will start promptly at 7:45pm so that they may get home (it's a school night!!).